***** 4/20/2024

Dr. Dawn is a very caring, kind person. She always makes herself available which is a rarity with any doctor. Her office is calming & comfortable just as she is to be with. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their physical and/or emotional well being.

Lauren Bash

***** 4/10/2024

Dr. Dawn is truly a miracle worker! She is kind, patient, gentle, healing, and smart! Dawn knows what to do to help and goes above and beyond during every appointment. Her natural treatments work better than any other Dr I have ever been too. Her office is clean and inviting, and if you’re lucky Chloe will be there to greet you at the door! Do not waste your time and money with anyone else, Dr Dawn will listen to what is going on in your body and jump to action with a plan that will make you feel better right away. She allows open communication as well which makes you feel comfortable discussing any issues. I never feel rushed with Dawn and always feel heard. Dr Dawn is the best, hands down.

Joanne Maloney

***** 1/6/2024

I was suffering from a cold and congestion and Dr. Dawn suggested Acupuncture and some liquid herbal supplements to lessen my symptoms.
The acupuncture treatment was not only effective but also very relaxing and by the next morning I felt so much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Dawn for holistic healthcare.


Diane Fiscina

***** 1/2/2024

DR Dawn at Wellness matters is truly amazing!! On or about 2 years ago I decided to take a different approach to my own Healthcare and decided that digging deeper into different minerals and nutrients that our bodies Naturally need was not being addressed by my General Practioner, I was going through The later stages of Menopause and felt tired had insomnia brain fog, some weight gain and General aches and pains. So with the 2 hr long questionnaire and blood work Dr Dawn has led me down the Path of feeling better overall. She also can assist with nutrition guidance and Acupuncture which is Extremely holistic! I highly recommend Dr Dawn for the Next step for anyone who is looking for a comprehensive treatment plan to your Health and Wellness!!

Therese McNulty: HomeRun Hounds

***** 12/15/2023

Dr.Dawn is one of the most caring individuals you will meet. The way that she cares for people shows in everything that she does.

She is dedicated and so passionate about the care she provides.

I highly recommend Dr. Dawn and once you meet her, you will too.


Mary baker

***** 03/02/2023

Comment: I have seen Dr. Dawn for a few years now. She is the sweetest person who doesn’t look at her patients as just someone but like family and makes you feel so loved she will be there every step of the way to help you on whatever journey you are on, so you reach your unique goals. I love how she is always willing to expand her knowledge to really understand each patient’s needs.

Dee Dee Miura

***** 3/1/2023

Dr. Dawn has helped both my husband and I with several health issues. I would highly recommend her such a wonderful person for such great knowledge.

Ahmed Ahmed

***** 6/30/2022

Dr.Dawn is the best doctor I’ve ever seen! Her number one priority is your health!  She actually takes the time to sit down, listen and shares her knowledge while being respectful. She looks at all the possibilities to help with your healing. Highly recommend.


Faith Rashkin
***** 12/14/2021

Dr Dawn is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met!  She takes the time to explain everything. She answers any questions you may have.  She genuinely wants to help and will try different methodologies in order to make you live a healthier life.  She’s encouraging and makes you want to be a better version of yourself. I highly recommend.  I felt so relaxed and lighter after just 2 visits.

Connie Happ

***** 08/21/2021

I highly recommend Dr. Dawn as a caring, compassionate, Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Dawn has helped me gain control of my weight and was very proactive in all my bloodwork.

Dr Dawn made me aware of health issues and gave me excellent advice and ideas for my diet and supplements. She is patient and answers all your questions. Dawn has the insight and knowledge of a wonderful naturopathic doctor, and I would highly recommend her.


Diane G, SoMa, San Francisco, CA.

***** 06/14/2021

My experience with Dr. Dawn was very comforting. She asks so many questions regarding why you’ve made the appointment to see her, and she leaves no stone unturned. You can feel her care as she is detailed and patient. She really wants to find out why you are experiencing the symptoms you are and then devoted to helping resolve your issues. I would highly recommend her. If you want to make the right choice in taking care of your health issues go, see Dr. Dawn!

Kristin Anschutz

***** 11/1/2020

Dr. Dawn asks all the right questions to help you get to the root of your health concerns! Her warmth and wealth of knowledge is unmatched. She is quick to respond to any questions and give you alternatives that you are comfortable with. I have worked with other naturopaths, but Dr. Dawn is by far the most professional, capable, and passionate naturopath I have had the pleasure of working with. She is a kind soul who is eager to inform, help, and heal you!


Michelle LeNoach

***** 10/24/2020

Dr. Dawn is an amazing doctor! She is very professional and asks great questions. She really listened to all my concerns and gave great feedback and advice. Both my husband and I went to see her and we will be going back!

Nicole DeSantis

***** 10/22/2020

Dr. Siglain is extremely thorough. She asks many questions for background information. She asks followup questions. She has so many ideas of things to be tested and sends you to get them done. Her explanations of your results are so detailed, but in a way a person can understand. She is patient and address all concerns and questions.

Sue Marsh

***** 10/8/2020

I decided to see Dr. Dawn after having months of not feeling myself. She ran a whole bunch of different blood tests on me and it came back as a diagnosis of lupus.. I knew I was in the best hands with Dawn. She kept my spirits up, made me feel so comfortable and told me I will feel better if I followed her protocol .. I still enjoyed foods that I loved but gave up a few things and took my supplements. After 2 months my tests are now negative for lupus!! It’s all about getting rid of the inflammation. I recommend everyone to go to this practice! Primary drs can all give drugs to hide the symptoms but getting rid of the problem Is what you want to achieve . I am so much better than I was and can’t thank dr Dawn enough!!


Wendy Parks

***** 6/9/2020

Dr. Dawn is kind, professional and extremely attentive. I received excellent care! I highly recommend Dr. Dawn!


Andrea Alicakos Tsap

***** 3/27/2020

Dr. Dawn is compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the body and the effects of everything in nature and beyond on our bodies. I have Multiple Myeloma and she is helping me to adjust my life to live a healthier and happier existence. I am very grateful for her direction. Thank you!

Be A Better You Fitness

***** 11/14/2019

I have had multiple experiences with Dr. Dawn. So far I have had 3 Powerful Reiki sessions with her, all of which were very successful helping me with some bothersome issues. She took her time, she answered all questions and her office was very welcoming. Dr. Dawn will also offer suggestions for moving forward in a healthy and positive direction to help with alignment and wellness. She was kind, professional and comforting. I felt very much at ease with each session. Highly recommended!


Javier Palacios-Campillay

***** 10/29/2019

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dawn Siglain and I cannot be happier with the results. She understands healing in a way everyone can benefit, regardless of your background. She listens to your problems and gives you treatments that are specific to your own condition. In my case, she has been able to find not only physical problems but also address the emotional aspect behind it. Many healers and doctors miss or are afraid to bring forth the emotional and mental aspect of an illness. However, Dr. Siglain is not that practitioner. She will put as much attention to your mental health as your physical health. You will not regret your choice with Dr Siglain!

Kara Noe

***** 10/5/2018

I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Dawn and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an incredibly kind, supportive, and compassionate physician who is deeply rooted in naturopathic philosophy and energy medicine.


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