March 17, 2019 ET Week Media.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, people often ask me, ‘How can I detox?’ My answer is always multi-faceted depending on the patient, yet with one empowering answer, ‘Right now & let me show you how!’ There are many things that you can start doing to flush out toxins. These daily habits should eventually become your lifestyle. We live in a world where toxins are in our water, food, and air we breathe. Instead of feeling defeated, take charge of your health today!

It’s important to consider detoxing as a lifestyle change. Detoxing used to mean dietary restrictions and taking a break from life to fully re-charge. However, we don’t live in a world where that’s possible, so our means of detoxing needs to adapt. I encourage adding in good habits to support healthy detoxification instead of the concept of restrictions.

By detoxing daily, you are gently coursing toxins out of your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. The key here is consistency. The benefits of detoxing include increased energy, improved sleep, proper immunity, decreased brain fog, clear skin, bright eyes, shiny hair, fresh breath, weight loss, and optimal organ functioning.

First and foremost, drink water. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of filtered water. For constipation, add a lemon squeeze to a cup of warm water first thing in the morning. You want to keep things moving! Beets promote healthy blood flow in vessels. Eat a cup of dark leafy greens a day to cleanse your liver. Sulfur compounds found in garlic and onions also support the liver. Fermented foods support your gut health such as sauerkraut, kimchi or pickles.

Think about how you treat your body. Everything you put on your body, you would want to put in your body. Moisturize with organic coconut oil or EVOO. Movement of muscles moves the lymph which promotes drainage. Sweating releases toxins which takes a burden off of your kidneys. If exercising is an issue, consider vibrational therapy and IR saunas. Other techniques to support drainage of toxins are dry brushing before each shower, coconut oil pulling first thing in the morning, and Epsom salt baths.

Be good to yourself everyday by following these simple guidelines. Don’t stress about it. Take it day by day and just try! Stay tuned for my next article with more healthy ways to support a daily detox lifestyle.